Students should be able to pick own ID, yearbook photos


Paige Williams, Opinion Editor

Graphic by Grace Leeth

With the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year being all online, students should have the ability to send in their own ID photos for items such as yearbooks, but restrictions and guidelines should be followed. With most students missing out on the in-school experience, students deserve a piece of memorabilia from high school and senior year in particular.

AS of now, student IDs will have our previous year’s yearbook photos. The administration has set a date for senior pictures, and for underclassmen, picture day will most likely happen once we return to school. However, there still is the option that we don’t return to school. Sending in pictures would be a proactive solution.

Students should be able to take photos at home to allow time for yearbooks to be made. Having students capture their own image of themselves allows for more creativity as well. Students get to choose which image they send in and how they want their background and how they’d like their picture to represent themselves. 

Since it is still sending in photos to school, school rules and regulations should all still apply when taking pictures; such as appropriate background, follows dress code, does not show weapons or illegal substances, etc… 

In order for everyone to participate, homeroom teachers should assign this as a grade, and alternative appointments to have a photo taken could be made at school following proper social distancing guidelines for those who are not able to send in or take an up-to-date appropriate school photo.  

Some might feel that having every student send a photo may lead to logistical issues. However, steps can be put in place to avoid conflict and difficulty, such as having paperwork with grade level, ID number, and proper spelling of students’ names accompany the photos.

With the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year being all online, the students should have the ability to send in a picture in substitution of picture day to have up to date yearbook photos and IDs until school resumes in person.