1st Semester- halfway done


Paige Williams, Feature editor

   Most students don’t blink an eye when they realize the end of the first quarter has passed for the 2020-2021 school year. In fact, most students are relieved, halfway there. But most students don’t realize how quickly their high school education is flying by.  

  For seniors this will be our last year waking up at 7:05 a.m. and going to seven periods Monday through Friday, seeing our classmates faces in the parking lot, or seeing your favorite teacher give that last goodbye at the end of the year. Schools this year have switched to remote learning, and for most students won’t even experience the full high school experience.  We as students seem to take for granted our teen years focusing on all the negatives high school has brought us when high school is the perfect experience to make new friends, find yourself, become involved and prepare for the adult world. 

    Thinking back to Pre-K through 8th grade, time seemed to pass faster as we got older. The memories from the jungle gym, recess, and the mile seem to slip our minds and we begin to focus more on our negatives than positives.    

  Thinking back to our younger selves, those kids who wanted to be an astronaut or a ballerina, we remember the accomplishments and hardships faced throughout the years. Most of us will go on to apply for college, medical school, trades, even start families soon.  

  As we grow older, it often feels like time goes by faster and faster focusing on visual perception more. Time passes by as we age due to how long it takes us to process information according to an article done at Cambridge University.

  High school is the most valuable time to create social connections, create memories, and take chances that’ll make an impact on your life but it can really fly by. Students need to take a deep breath and cherish the time, memories, and hard work put in at school.