Real Christmas trees are safe, support environment


Sara Rand, Feature Editor

The Christmas tree is a staple decoration for the holiday season. Even if one doesn’t decorate, they will probably put up a tree, some even put up more than one. But the problem is choosing between a real tree or an artificial tree.

I believe that real Christmas trees, despite risks, are the better choice.

Christmas isn’t just about gifts and decorations but the family interaction that comes with the time.

My family usually spends our time at home away in our rooms, but during the holiday season we bake cookies and my favorite activity, cut down a Christmas tree.

Once we bring home the tree, we can have a lovely, natural smelling tree in our house.

While it is true that a real Christmas tree could start a fire, it is not uncommon for a fake tree to also start a fire if placed or used incorrectly. The same goes for a real Christmas tree, as long the tree is cared for properly and kept watered, there is a much lower chance it will catch on fire according to

I also like the soft scent and feel of a natural tree. But the important debate is not over smell and feel, rather the long-lasting environmental effects.

Around 10 million artificial trees are purchased every Christmas season and around 90 percent are shipped from China, resulting in an increase of carbon emissions, according to

Not to mention the material artificial trees are made of is non-recyclable and will eventually end up in a landfill whether someone keeps the tree for one Christmas season or for ten.

Natural trees can be recycled and reused for local community conservation and habitat projects.

Buying real trees every year can support tree farms and encourage replanting to keep the land healthy for forest wildlife that relies on the habitat to survive.

Despite the 350 million to 500 million trees grown, only about 30 million trees are bought, according to These local farms produce jobs for many, homes for wildlife and oxygen for everyone.

Rather than folding to the easier option, if we can afford it, we should be helping our future generations by supporting tree farms and helping the environment by buying real Christmas trees.