Dance overrated: spirit week rocks


Carter Day, News Editor

Imagine this: a picture-perfect, decorated gym, complete with streamers and disco lights. Kids are dancing, sipping punch, and everyone is dressed to impress.
The reality is that this version of homecoming is reserved only for Hollywood blockbusters and in real life, homecoming usually falls short of expectations.
The main stressor for most students is finding the perfect outfit for this landmark occasion. After searching every formal wear store in a twenty-mile radius and a handful of online dress websites on the first page of Google, girls still have to shell out some serious cash for their dress. Even after the dress is purchased, some people decide to have their hair and makeup done professionally, which can cost upwards of $75.
If trying to get ready for homecoming wasn’t enough of a hassle, the necessary events before the dance take up valuable time. Trying to get a group on the same page about the plans for pre-dance pictures is difficult in itself but making sure everyone shows up on time is another story. Good photos are weather dependent, and the first week of October is usually chilly.
Many people are so concerned over making sure their homecoming is memorable that they forget to make the most out of the experience. Students treat the dance like a concert, posting minutes-long videos to Snapchat for their friends to then skip through, having already been to the dance themselves.
The tickets are an additional expense to add to the already high price of Homecoming night. The music is usually mediocre remixes to rap music and the cupid-shuffle with awkward transitions.
Homecoming is just the underclassman version of prom.
However, not all the aspects of homecoming are overrated.The spirit week and events that lead up to the homecoming dance are an important part of class unity. Students compete against each other in a variety of events, such as the penny race to for NHS, which benefits the entire school. The winning class is rewarded with the prided Spirit Sitck.
Students also look forward to dressing up for Pajama Day, Green and White and Senior Citizen Day as a way to show their school and class pride.
Spirit week is hyped by the annual powder puff game, another tradition that students, especially upperclassmen, look forward to. Boys take a part in the event by acting as cheerleaders.
Additionally, Mr. Pomcat is always a good time for laughs and fun.
Once you’ve been to one dance, you’ve pretty much been to them all, and homecoming is no exception. The best parts are the memories created throughout the entire week leading up to the dance.