A walkout is an appropriate response to gun violence


Brittney Ebner, Entertainment Editor

On the 14th of March students not only walked out at Plainfield Central, but students nationwide walked out in remembrance of the one month anniversary of the Parkland shooting. This walkout was one of the most controversial events this year.

Many school walkouts have been seen as having no effect or negative effects, but there are many positives to school walkouts as well.

Walkouts may seem like a bad thing at first, but really, there is much more to them than just standing outside to get out of class or to rebel against the school. School walkouts represent a hunger for change.

They represent those who actually care, and those who actually want to see our world grow and be strong. They represent the idea that things can be done, and there is a way to respectfully be heard.

Walkouts are a way to grab the attention of those who can help change existing laws or make new ones.

Walkouts are a time of not only reflection but of protest in a respectful way, allowing voices to be heard, or to simply send a silent message, demanding that there is a change.

For example, the National walkout on March 14 was a day to show remembrance of the Parkland victims and to take a stand to prove the point that there needs to be a change to help keep schools safer.

Another positive aspect to a school walkout is seeing people who may not even know one another, come together to fight for something they whole-heartedly believe in. It is a connection to the school community. It is a way to show support for one another and to comfort one another when necessary.

Not only is it a connection to your peers, it is also a powerful message. Walkouts are calm, yet demanding. The action of it speaks louder than any words ever will. It is a sign of strength and a sign of eagerness for change and for a better future.

While there are those who just want to get out of class or to rebel against the school there are many more who cherish them, and there are those who want to fight for their rights, and many also want to push for change.

Walkouts are a wonderful experience for many, and walkouts are also one of the only ways our voices can be heard.