Black panther embraces, highlights African culture


Armani Moten, Blog Editor

Wakanda Forever! Where does this phrase come from? What does it mean? How does this impact society? All these questions can be answered in the new blockbuster movie “Black Panther”.

Not only did “Black Panther” make $756.50 million dollars in box office, but it changed history by Marvel having a mostly black cast and crew. With all the success that the movie is experiencing, there are always some haters putting the movie down, saying it is overrated or too played out by spectators.

Now don’t get me wrong,  Black Panther was a movie that will go down in history as one of the most historical, but there are plenty of other movies that go deep into African American history. The difference with this movie is the celebration of the culture, without the negative aspects. That’s why movie goers should celebrate the message that Black Panther offers.

Black Panther is an amazing movie that provides an inside to the African culture. Wakanda made the title “African-American” something that can be looked up to. A superhero that looks like little black boys gives them a role model that they can relate to and that shows them they are not only African-American, but also great men.

This movie gave an appreciation for all African-Americans and is very well planned-out. The symbol of crossing your arms is a symbol of being yourself as an African American – showing power and unity, which is much needed in today’s world.