College IS worth the cost

Caitlyn McCarthy, Entertainment Editor

The most stressful year of high school tends to be junior year; students have the ACT and are making the decision whether to go to college or not. Some students make the choice to continue their education while others may not think it’s worth it. In the long run attending college is necessary to help students succeed in life.

College is a good $20,000 to $40,000; the price varies on whether it’s a university or community college. Depending on what career the student is going to school for, eventually they should be able to pay off their loans.

If after high school students do not further their education in any way, it will make it more difficult to find high paying jobs.

By going to college students will be able to have more opportunities in all higher paying job fields. Education is worth the price as long as the classes students are attending will be beneficial towards their major and future career. The money is only wasted when students do not do their part while attending school.

Something people do not understand is that there really is nothing in life that will just be handed to us; we have to work for everything. Many students believe that showing up for class is good enough now and that it will be good enough in college.

Newsflash: The world does not work like that! Students have to be putting in their best effort to receive the outcome they want, which is being better equipped to land a high paying job. Then students will not have a difficult time paying off all their loans.