‘Air’ reminisces on Michael Jordan


Shaylah Johnson, Staff writer

The humorous film “Air” directed by Ben Affleck was released on April 5. This film, inspired by real life events, showcases Nike’s road to success. The movie focuses on Nike’s attempt to strike a business deal with Michael Jordan, and reveals the origin of the Air Jordan.
These popular shoes were first released in 1985 during Jordan’s sophomore year with the Chicago Bulls, they were designed by Peter Moore, a British-American creative director for Nike and Adidas. Michael Jordan was the first to ever step into these shoes.
Sonny Vaccaro (Matt Damon) is hired to come up with a new spokesperson to represent Nike basketball shoes. Nike’s third pick Michael Jordan is seeking deals with other companies, but Sonny still thinks Nike should try to pursue him. Matt Damon is a phenomenal actor, because he can bring any character to life.
Phil Knight (Ben Affleck) is the Nike CEO who takes a risk and gives Sonny the budget to sign Michael Jordan. I give props to Affleck for acting in the movie along with being the director.
Michael Jordan(Damian Young) never shows his face in the movie. The actor is typically shown from behind. Ben Affleck believes Michael Jordan is too “majestic” for anyone to act as him, , however I believe if the movie is about Michael Jordan’s career, then the audience should get to see the actor’s face.
Although Jordan is not in the movie he met with Affleck to discuss the movie and asked for changes to be made, he requested that his longtime friend and his assistant coach George Raveling be in the movie and Viola Davis to play his mother.
This movie was very interesting; however, there is no action. I thought it would be more about the Air Jordans, but it really focused more on Nike trying to recruit Michael Jordan.
The cast is very talented and has popular actors everyone is familiar with such as Viola Davis, Chris Tucker, and Phil Knight, and it is interesting to see how sports have advanced from then to now, as well as Michael Jordan’s career.
If you are a sneakerhead or love basketball, I would definitely recommend this movie, but if not, this movie may not hold you interest. Overall I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars.