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Romantic comedy engages audience


The movie “Anyone But You” directed by Will Gluck has been a box office success that is sweeping the nation.
The movie follows the rocky relationship between main characters Ben(Glen Powell) and Bea(Sydney Sweeney) after they had an encounter that ended on bad terms. The two are forced to reconnect when Bea’s sister and Ben’s best friend end up getting married.
The two struggle to be in the same room without arguing and both parties of the wedding begin to get frustrated with them. The two set their differences aside and tolerate each other, but when their exes show up they decide that just tolerating each other is not as beneficial as pretending to like each other.
The movie contains a series of attempts to make their exes jealous throughout the weekend. While some work, others go disastrously wrong.
The movie shows the rollercoaster of the main characters’ relationship through time jumps, yet still ensures that the viewer knows the background information needed. Each character has a likable personality with an interesting storyline, and the chemistry creates an engaging energy throughout the movie.
Along with great writing, the acting helps make the movie even more exciting. Powell and Sweeny make the connection between Ben and Bea so believable that the viewer feels as if they are part of each conversation.
While the main characters are great, the supporting cast really makes the movie. Each character having a strong storyline and amazing comedic timing creates many good laughs throughout the movie.
Being filmed in Australia creates a cinematically beautiful film; it utilizes Australia’s breathtaking scenery to enhance each scene and characters personalities.
‘Anyone But You’ is kick-starting the return of rom-coms. It’s a movie that all individuals will find some interest in whether it’s from the funny jokes, witty comebacks, or heartwarming scenes. This movie is truly the rom-com of the century.
Overall I would rate this movie a 4 out of 5. It’s a heartwarming silly movie that is likable for all.

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