Creed III stands tall without Stallone


Gavin Henson, Opinion Editor

“Creed III” is the third movie in the series following the 2018 film “Creed II.”

The film stars Michael B. Jordan (Adonis Creed), Tessa Thompson (Bianca Creed), and Jonathan Majors (Damian Anderson).

Adonis thought he had fought his last fight against Viktor Drago. Adonis then finds out his best friend Damian has become a top contender fighter.

Damian becoming a fighter, really changed his personality. Adonis wasn’t a fan of how Damian has been acting.

Damian then challenges Adonis to a fight inside the squared circle.

Adonis never wanted to fight someone that he considered to be a brother, but he had to put an end to what Damian had become.

Adonis trained unlike he had ever trained for a fight before. Countless hours were spent in the ring and conditioning.

One negative aspect of the movie is that Sylvester Stallone is not in it.

Stallone didn’t join for the third film in the trilogy, due to contractual problems, and the script not aligning with how he wanted it.

He has been in every film related to the “Rocky” franchise.

Stallone is a very important part of the franchise, and it’s weird not seeing him in the movie.

I really like the angle that they took on this film and the plot.

With Donnie and Dame basically being brothers to each other and then Dame turning against Donnie, it really changed the tone of the story.

My favorite part of this movie was how good the fighting scenes were.

Michael B. Jordan didn’t use a stunt double for these scenes, and he really took the punches.

That takes a lot of guts to be able to do that in a movie.

Overall, I would give this movie five out of five stars.