Will Trent offers strong plot, weak acting

Rilee Bergstrom, Staff Writer

The pilot episode of Will Trent airs in a flurry of an intriguing premise, strong characters, and fast paced action. 

In the opening scene, Abigail (Jennifer Morrison), a suburban mother, comes home to find her daughter in a pool of blood on the ground. A man rushes out and tries to attack her, causing a conflict between the two. In the end, the mother kills the attacker and the scene comes to a close.

Unlike most crime shows, the series picks up its pace quickly. It is a breath of fresh air into a genre where slow pacing is commonplace. 

The series continues with introducing the titular character Will Trent (Ramon Rodriquez), an odd outsider, yet charming detective. He works on the mysterious case after being assigned to it by his boss, Amanda Wagner (Sonja Sohn). 

Though the charismatic detective is not revolutionary in TV shows, Ramon Rodriquez pulls off the style needed to portray the character. However, the acting strength can not be said about every actor. Several side characters’ lines fall flat, and emotional moments feel awkwardly forced. 

It is revealed Paul (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) grew up in an orphanage with Will, revealing the emotional baggage that both characters may carry. The two scuffle before being pulled apart, the tension lingering between them.

This relationship between detective and victim is often not portrayed on television. The complicated web of relationships introduced in the show already set it apart from other shows. The web culminates with Will and another agent’s relationship.

Angie (Erika Christensen) is an undercover agent working on a drug bust, whilst being a recovering addict. There are only slight breadcrumbs given on her and Will’s relationship, yet the foundation laid is very interesting.

The pilot ended on the much dread cliffhanger, a noticeable attempt by the creators to make the audience continue watching. The strong premise is weighed down by mediocre acting and poorly staged action, which are needed for a good crime show. The substance given so far by the show earns it a hearty 3.5/5 stars from me.