Conversation candy hearts: nay


Emma Cowden, Staff Writer

Love is in the air and so is the smell of chocolate, candy, and roses. However there’s one smell that plagues them all: the traditional candy conversation heart. 

First made in 1866, this tradition has followed kids through generations and generations. Haven’t we outgrown this candy yet? 

It has become evident that, while it was popular in the past, it is starting to lose its popularity. 

According to a poll taken of 103 students, the sugar, corn syrup, and gelatin treat has recently been described as chalky, terrible, grainy, cliche, and cringy. 

Some may try and argue that the candy hearts are a cute and thoughtful gesture or that they are a classic tradition. However, I beg to differ. 

There are plenty of other options to get the same messages across with something that would taste one hundred times better. Then as for it being a tradition, we need to grow with the new coming years and make our own traditions. 

If not already clear, these candies are outdated. They’ve been here since 1866! And in reference to the ingredients, there is no flavor added but pure sugar. 

The packaging these treats come in is tacky as well. It’s simply a cardboard box with tiny chalk covered candy inside. 

I can only think of one solution to this problem; hand out another type of candy or think of something more creative. I can assure that that special someone will appreciate a gift with a little thoughtfulness and creativity more than a simple pre-made box.

What happened to the thoughtfulness in Valentine’s Day gifts? These candy conversation hearts are just another way to put little to no thought in a gift whatsoever. Be creative people; no one wants the same thing that everyone gets everyone!

I don’t know about you, but I will definitely save myself the pain and sadness by avoiding these hearts. I’d rather break someone else’s with the truth than pretend to like these treats.