Conversation candy hearts: yay


Brooke Plowman, Staff Writer

It’s Valentine’s Day, and as classmates are exchanging gifts, one student is particularly excited. In their hand are the tasty conversation candy hearts they couldn’t wait to receive. They eagerly open the box right away to eat them.
Conversation candy hearts have been a classic gift on Valentine’s Day for years. Some people have expressed they have a bad taste, or that they’re cringy and tacky, but what these people are failing to see is the meaning behind the small hearts with little messages written on them.
In a recent survey, 66.7% of 132 students said they like the conversation candy hearts. So, overall, people do appreciate these candies.
According to, conversation candy hearts were first created in the 1860s. They have been a tradition since then. Some students said that even though they don’t have the best taste, they’re a tradition for their friends/family so it’s something they always eat for Valentine’s Day.
Along with the tradition aspect, candy hearts are cute and send positive vibes to whoever is receiving them.The phrases written on them make many people smile around the love-filled holiday. The sayings even get updated to have more modern messages printed in order to stay relevant but still the same candy.
Some students don’t think they taste good; however, lots of students said they enjoy the sweet flavor of the candy hearts. While many only indulge on the treats during Valentine’s Day, they look forward to eating a candy with a unique taste and texture.
People should be more willing to give the candy a chance and appreciate the thoughtfulness behind receiving a box of them. I hope everyone gets to experience the joy of these candies as a heartfelt gift during the Valentine’s season.