Masks should be mandatory


Nicole Jones, Opinion Editor

It is only fair that each side of the mask debate listens to the other’s points of view and why they believe what they believe. Personally, I believe that masks should be mandatory in a school setting.
While in school, the chances to go an entire day while being socially distant are nearly impossible. In the halls, there are students crowded together while attempting to walk through a doorway or walk into a hallway. I end up touching the people next to me shoulder to shoulder. While this is not as dangerous because students do not stay in this position for exceedingly long, it is still a risk when students are not able to wash their hands after being so close and sometimes bumping into other students.
The worst part is when students are in their classrooms. Students are seated closer than an arm’s length away from each other from the front, back, left, and right and are expected to sit in that seat for around an hour, which can be a huge risk to one’s chances of getting covid considering close contact is 15 minutes within 6 feet according to the CDC website.
Some feel it is not as important for students to wear masks because younger people tend to be fine if struck by covid. However, a student could bring the virus home without knowing because they did not show symptoms.
In this time, the household has been affected, as well as each member’s work colleagues and friends and who knows how many others.
In the end, masks being optional has led to an endless loop of lifting and remandating the usage of masks. To keep numbers low, it is best to keep masks mandated.