Ariana Grande creates melodic masterpiece


Miguel Cambray, Staff Writer

With six studio albums around her belt Ariana Grande adds “Positions,” her sixth album to her success. With “Positions” debuting at number one back in October, Ariana has recently released her deluxe album. Four new songs are released as well a remix for the song “34+35” now featuring Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion.
To begin with the deluxe part of the album, the first new song is “someone like you(interlude)”. Its slow tempo, but melodic beats go very well with Ariana’s voice. Since it’s an interlude it’s very short, less than a minute and a half; however, it is one of the best interludes I’ve heard.
Next up is “test drive” which has the same vibe as the previous song with a faster tempo that gradually speeds up. It’s a type of song that people can’t help but tap their feet to or to sing the chorus of it, and then there is a dramatic stop as Ariana’s voice fades. This left me, and I’m sure any other person listening to the album, wanting more. Ariana did deliver more as it was a very smooth transition into “34+35” remix with Doja and Megan. Keeping the same tempo as “Test Drive”, it continues that upbeat with a mix of acoustic and electro that blends very well with all three of the artists’ voices.
Then the final song on the deluxe album is “main thing” and this has Ariana’s melodic voice. This song flows almost like water, her singing is on beat, and when the beat switches she follows suit.
This album was quite different from the rest of her albums with her taking a very edm, jazzy approach to it. Her personal life being put in was not overwhelming to the point where the listeners couldn’t connect to it, but was enough to feel the emotion of the music.
Now my top three songs are going to have to be “love language” as number three. It’s upbeat tempo is too irresistible to move, and once again Ariana’s voice flows like a needle going in and out of a cloth. Runner up goes to “34+35” featuring Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat. It’s a fantastic Friday Night song to play in the car. My favorite song goes to “off the table” its slow tempo, and low deep beat is so soothing. The Weekend goes excellent into the song, and its deep meaning has to do with Ariana’s boyfriend after Mac Miller’s death. It is executed very well.
Overall, this album is a four and a half out of five stars. There are some songs that got repetitive or just didn’t draw me as some of them did, but there is a reason why Ariana debuted at number one. “Positions” is a testment to Grande’s development as an artist.