Not everyone deserves trophies; life not fair

Emma Figlewicz, Entertainment Editor

  Known for their sociable, pragmatic, and multitasking lifestyle, Generation Z (those born between 1995-2010) has garnered many different stereotypes and images. Particularly, the ideology that people in this generation have become over-sensitized to the world around them and always need a participation trophy, has been a common label that previous generations such as Generation X and the Baby Boomers use to typecast Generation Z as. Unfortunately, they do have a point.

  Social media is a huge contributing factor to the sensitivity of this generation. Online everybody has an opinion, and an innocent comment can easily be turned into one considered offensive.  

  To escape being cancelled by commenting on a scandalous topic many creators will feature trigger warnings. These warnings indicate a concept that can be distressing to some people. Generation Z however has taken the use of these warnings too far by subjecting concepts such as eye pulling as a triggering event for a how to apply eyeliner video.  

  Unlike previous generations, Generation Z has undergone their childhood under a protective bubble where everybody gets a participation trophy. Parents want to shield kids from the harsh realities that life beholds. Although this may seem light-hearted and harmless, a little tough love helps kids learn how to pick themselves up and mature into strong individuals. Giving kids a trophy for just being there only leads them to believe that life is fair and equal, which it is not. 

  On a positive note, Generation Z takes pride in being able to express themselves openly, which wasn’t standard in previous generations. A person’s opinion can be easily expressed, and people of this generation tend to be more outspoken and passionate. They use this passion to speak out against topics such as racism, sexism, and other serious topics. However, this passion can also lead to heated debates because people cannot handle their opinions being challenged by an opposing opinion. These arguments have turned into a whole culture dedicated to canceling a person’s career all because they share an opinion that others disagree upon.  

  As a member of this generation, it feels as if society is looking at us under a magnifying glass. Everybody is watching what we say and do, trying to see if we mess up. Whether it be on social media or in real life, people must tiptoe around the fear of saying something that can be called offensive. Jokes are taken too seriously, and everything is taken too literally. As a generation we need to understand that there is a limit to what should be considered offensive and to not take everything so seriously.