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Shamrock shakes pros and cons




by:   Brooke Plowman

St. Patrick’s Day: A day to celebrate Irish culture with clovers, corned beef, and everything green. The last thing I want to do to celebrate this day is walk into a McDonald’s to pick up a shamrock shake.

  Shamrock shakes, a

ccording to McDonald’s, were first created in 1967. St. Patrick’s Day was first celebrated on what is now U.S. soil in 1601 according to Shamrock shakes are not a “tradition”, they were created long after the holiday was

created. They are not a drink celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, but a seasonal treat that really does not fit the season.

  February and March are still cold, wintery months, so it doesn’t make sense to spend money on a dessert that is, well, cold. A better option would be to warm up a minty hot chocolate and stay warm during the cold days. 

  Even though Shamrock shakes are meant to be a St. Patrick’s Day treat, the slimy green color is less than appetizing. An artificial, unnatural green that bright does not look like something people should be ingesting, not to mention the minty taste so strong you could get the same experience at the dentist. 

  Drinking a shake, or any drink for that matter, should not taste as if I’ve just finished my morning routine or as if I just left the dentist’s office. It might leave a mint taste, but it definitely does not benefit someone’s hygiene or health.

  The shamrock shake might seem

 like a good idea, but when celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, sticking with the green river drink with a big plate of corned beef is the way to go. 




by: Tyler Ibarra

The Shamrock Shake.  The infamous minty green St.Patrick’s day drink from McDonald’s.  The sweetness, the unique flavor, the bright color. It brings me back to the childhood days of begging for one.  The greatness of the Shamrock Shake is incomparable to anything in its realm, and it shows off that one of a kind status well.

The minty, vanilla flavor of the Shamrock Shake is so different from any other shake a fast food place serves.  Its uniqueness on its own makes the Shamrock Shake special. No other shake in the fast food realm can even come close to a similar taste.

McDonald’s releases the shake once a year and it is limited to only one to two months.  People all over the United States scramble for the Shamrock Shake. According to the Huffington Post, 60 million Shamrock Shakes have been sold since its creation in 1967!  The Shamrock Shake is now a long standing tradition in the United States.

The color, while some view it as distasteful, is so

inviting.   The green of the shake allows for great marketing as it attracts people to just try the shake, let alone draw people back in.  The bright minty green of the Shamrock Shake is just another positive of this sweet treat.

According to a Fielder survey, 34 out of 72 students love the Shamrock Shake, and only 4 say that they are awful. 

While some people dislike the Shamrock Shake, I love it.  The mix of the seasonality with the uniqueness of color and flavor, makes the Shamrock Shake a perfect treat.  To those who haven’t had a Shamrock Shake in awhile,  I encourage them to  get one soon!

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Brooke Plowman
Brooke Plowman, Editor-in-Chief
Hi!! I am so excited to be back, this year as the Editor-in-Chief. I am also on the dance team, an officer for both Key Club and Care Club, and a member of NHS and Link Crew!
Tyler Ibarra
Tyler Ibarra, Staff Writer
Hi, I am a first year staff writer for the Fielder.

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