Disney Pixar’s Soul explores meaning of life

Disney Pixars Soul explores meaning of life

Emma Figlewicz, Entertainment Editor

  Disney Pixar’s new film “Soul” hits all the right notes as it challenges audiences to question what the true meaning of life is.  

   Soul is an animated film that follows Joe, voiced by Jamie Fox, an aspiring musician who has struggled to find purpose in life. After years of chasing his dream, Joe lands a gig to perform with the legendary saxophonist Doreatha Williams, voiced by Angela Bassett. However, after receiving this life-altering news, he walks into a manhole almost killing him. After falling, Joe’s soul is sent to the Great Beyond to enter The End. In rebellion of not wanting to enter the white light, Joe escapes and ends up in a place called Great Before. Here Joe meets Soul 22, voiced by Tina Fey, subsequently after being forced to mentor her to help find her spark,  their relationship blossoms and helps lead Joe to discover his purpose.  

   Every person on Earth has a spark that makes them unique. Soul perfectly captures this concept through the relationship of Soul 22 and Joe. The film first introduces 22 as a soul who is not motivated to progress forward to live on Earth. It is only once she walks in Joe’s shoes and sees Earth through his eyes that she can find her spark. Subsequently, while mentoring Soul 22 Joe finds the happiness and satisfaction he craved from life that he was unable to obtain on his own.  

   Known for their cinematic masterpieces such as Toy Story, Monsters Inc., and Cars, Pixar does not disappoint with their new installment to their franchise. The plot, pacing, animation, voice acting, and overall premise was brilliantly executed. The film tackles complex topics of death and the meaning of life to be easily communicated to audiences of any age.  

   The art style in this movie is also beautiful. The bright vibrant colors reflect the world of jazz itself. Alongside the animation the soundtrack is a masterpiece of its own. Audiences are treated to the intriguing world of music, which is illustrated as a complex array of emotions and feelings.  

   Some major aspects of the movie that is to be commended is the plot structure and pacing. Never once did it feel rushed or lackluster. Each scene had its own importance with an impactful presence. These scenes are what helped to build to the greatest message the film tries to convey to audiences: life has no singular purpose—no one does. It’s the way a person perceives life and what happens in it that makes it meaningful. 

   Overall, Soul is one of Pixar’s most complex and deep concepts to come out of its studio. Soul receives 5 out of 5 stars for its brilliant portrayal of the meaning of life and a person’s purpose.