Perry’s ‘Smile’ reaches audience with glimpse of self

Katy Perry Debuts Album Cover, Title Credit: Katy Perry/Instagram

 Aaliyah Solano, Staff Writer

  Katy Perry can add another accomplishment to her year of success as the singer is newly engaged, a new mom, and has dropped a phenomenal album. Perry released her new album  “Smile” on Aug. 28, and it went number five on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart. The album features twelve new captivating songs that will please any fan of the music genre EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

  Perry starts with a song titled “Never Really Over” describing her relationship with fiance Orlando Bloom. Bloom and Perry’s off and currently on-again relationship has been a spectacle in the media, as they never seem to be really over. Perry acknowledges how she always comes back to the actor saying, “Two years and just like that/ My head still takes me back/ Thought it was done, but I/ Guess it’s never really over.”

 My personal favorite is track number three titled “Teary Eyes.” The song makes me feel as if I were at a rave, and when the beat drops I cannot help but dance. This song takes listeners to a whole different dimension where all the listener’s problems disappear. 

 Following “Teary Eyes” is a song called “Daisies” which listeners can assume is dedicated to Perry’s daughter; Daisy. With lyrics such as “Tried to knock me down/ Took those sticks and stones/ Showed ‘em I could build a house/ They tell me that I’m crazy/ But I’ll never let ‘em change me” one can infer that the song is about Perry’s perseverance. She’s not going to change who she is because of critics and haters. 

 Track number seven may ring a bell, as the song has already been featured in the newest Target commercial, “Smile.”

 Track number eight is called “Champagne Problems” which true to its name sounds like it belongs to be played at a nightclub with it’s upbeat rhythm.

 “Harleys In Hawaii” which was first released as a single, is my least favorite song on Perry’s jam-packed album as it lacks the same tempo as all the other songs.

 The final song of this masterpiece of an album is titled “What Makes A Woman” and describes how complex the life of a woman is. We are constantly being portrayed as needy, conceited, and also have to live up to constant beauty standards. Perry explains how overwhelming all of that is, which makes others relate to the song. 

Katy Perry has redeemed herself as an artist with this album as it gives her fans a closer look into her personal life, and never ceases to make listeners want to bust a move with each song. Well done.