It: Chapter Two sequel creates thunderstorm of emotions


Jenny Brooks, Staff Writer

The long-awaited sequel to the infamous, dancing clown finally arrived on Friday, Sept 6.
Director, Andres Muschetti came back with an unbelievable abundance of connections to the book by Stephen King. Many scenes throughout the movie connect right back to what I pictured in his masterpiece, including the first murderous scene of the movie.
Some of the remaining younglings from the 2017 movie ‘It’ includes Finn Wolffhard as young Richie, (from the Netflix original series ‘Stranger Things’.) Richie is a very foolhardy guy in both his childhood and adulthood.
Sophia Lillis, as young Beverly, also starred in ‘Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase’ earlier this year. She plays the witty, smart one of the group, who also happens to be the only girl.
Jaeden Lieberher (Bill), who also starred in ‘St. Vincent’ with Bill Murray back in 2014.
Jack Dylan Grazer (young Eddy) recently starred in the show ‘Me, Myself and I’ on CBS, before the show did not get renewed for a second season in 2018. Eddy is very paranoid and over abundantly cautious, because his mother is overprotective.
Let’s not forget the iconic face of Pennywise himself: Bill Skarsgard. There were many new actors added to the cast, but no one in particular brought surprised faces to the audience, except for Jay Ryan as Ben. The change in character developement went from “kiss me fat boy” to “kiss me Ryan Gosling doppleganger.”
In the first movie, Muschetti had told the story from when they were kids, compared to chapter two, which is them as adults. Pennywise returns to stalk the sewers of Derry every 27 years, which is why the story takes place 27 years after the first movie. Mike, who was the only member of the Loser’s club who remained in Derry ever since, called back all his childhood friends about a blood oath they made to reunite if It ever came back.
Although the entire group had their doubts about risking their lives to kill some clown. Bev explains to the group, while they’re in a haze of hesitation that they will all die if they do not destroy It in this cycle. Finally, they agree to try to kill It once and for all. The group goes on many adventures against their fears and memories of each of their pasts to find their true self in the facts of the past they never learned to face.
It was comical, scary, heart-warming, stomach-twisting and heart-wrenching, all at once. An example of this is Eddy and Richie. They came together as the hilarious duo they were in the first movie. One minute, they had me laughing so hard my stomach began to hurt and nearly crying from the dirty, childish jokes throughout the movie and the next i was smiling from the heart-felt moments towards the end.
Two more things to watch out for in this movie is the R-rated content. If anyone is sensitive to gore or nudity, then I do not recommend this. Just to give you a taste of the amount of gore, I’d say it amounted to a solid 65% from the first five minutes of the movie.
Overall, I have to say, ‘It’ was spectacular, and I would give it a 4-star rating, because everything fit just about perfectly. I recommend anyone who can handle expected jump scares to go see it immediately.