Mandatory volunteering helps everyone

Payton Middleton, Staff Writer

Mandatory volunteer hours are a requirement to be a part of several organizations such as National Honor Society (NHS), Wildcat Athletic Leadership Club (WALC), and Key Club. The idea behind having mandatory volunteer hours is to benefit the community and the students who take part in the organizations, and they succeed.
Cleaning up garbage, volunteering at Feed My Starving Children, and feeding the homeless have a positive impact no matter in what light one looks at it. Serving the community and the school is necessary; if students do not do it, who will?
NHS requires thirty hours of volunteering total, 10 hours of school service, 10 hours of community service and 10 choice hours. A part time job is considered working 34 hours a week, four more hours than the required number for an entire year. Thirty hours for an entire year is attainable. If students are invited to be in NHS or WALC and they do not take the opportunity, they are missing out on something to enhance a college resume and a chance to help the community. Students who refuse to volunteer are not only lazy, but they are self-centered.
Volunteering allows students to gain leadership skills as well as open up doors for future careers. Volunteering at parks could lead to an interest in local government, or after volunteering for an animal shelter a student might realize their passion for veterinarian care. Mandatory volunteer hours lead to more life experiences which could make choosing a college major significantly easier. Volunteering can also open students’ eyes to the needs of the community, and cause students to be more responsible and accountable.
In the era where climate change is the primary issue, cleaning up garbage and doing their part is better for the community. Mandatory volunteer hours are pushing students to help their community, so how is that a problem?
Colleges and jobs like to see that their applicants are involved in the community. Mandatory volunteer hours are doing nothing but helping the community and the students who are working for it. In fact, volunteer hours should be mandatory for graduation to benefit the community and the students’ character.