Timberlake brings voice to stage again

Jen Vela, Opinion Editor

The man who brought sexy back began his fifth world tour in November of 2013 to promote his two-piece project album the 20/20 experience and the 20/20- 2 of 2.  Timberlake worked the entire united center for two days Feb. 16 and 17 while promoting his tequila brand and his band the Tennessee Kids.

Justin sang as good as he looks, his skillful dance moves, playful bantering comments, and classy attire emanated confidence from the 32 year old singer.

He divided the three-hour experience into two sets taking a 10-minute intermission (making a quick outfit change of course)

Timberlake started the show with “Pusher Lover Girl” creating an exciting, and simple yet classy opener.

Timberlake played the classics from his previous albums such as, “Cry Me a River”, “Rock your body”, while meshing his more recent work in between older tracks creating an excellent set list.

Timberlake also covered a few songs from the late Michael Jackson (Human Nature) and Elvis Presley (Heartbreak Hotel).

The second act of his show amped up the energy even more as a “second stage” of sorts moved across the floor of the arena to the back creating an exceptional opportunity for photo-ops. Timberlake ended the show with a trio of #1 hits grand finale  “Suit & Tie”, “Sexyback” & “Mirrors” ampying up the crowd one last time.

All of Timberlake’s albums and the 20/20 experience can be highly recommend he is a preformed to watch out for creating endless entertainment and an exquisite sound that can be appreciated by many.

Timberlake’s superb  performance leads me to give him 5 out of 5 stars.