Super villian movie shatters Marvel cinematic traditon


Abby Blazevic, Opinion Editor

Another comic turned movie arrives in theaters and it’s a complete original from anything that has been brought to screens from Marvel.
The story follows a news reporter Eddie Brock, (Tom Hardy) who investigates the mysterious experiments of the LIFE Foundation created by Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed). The experiments revolved around trying to fuse humans’ bodies with alien parasites.
When Eddie sneaks into the lab, he leaves with an extremely dangerous parasite, Venom, attached to him. The pair then embark on a deathly and action-filled escapade trying to escape the clutches of Drake’s army of agents.
Not only does the movie bring a new adaptation of the comics to the screens, but also stays true to the original characters.
The acting in this movie was some of the best acting in any Marvel movie to date. The banter between Eddie and Venom was comedic as Venom continously insults Eddie for being human throughout the movie. Hardy portrayed the scenes with such charisma that audiences forget that he isn’t acting with anyone but himself when filming.
Other actors such as Riz Ahmed (Carlton Drake), Michelle Williams (Anne Weying), Jenny Slate (Dr. Dora Skirth) and Ried Scott (Dr. Dan Lewis) portrayed their characters very well. The intensity that each character projects is breathtaking, and the cast painted the picture of the comics brought to life, with complete justice.
With only 22 workers in the department, the special effects in this movie were incredible. The clear images of Venom and other technologically developed characters were stunning. Of course, the Marvel universe is all about the effects, but Venom is a clear stand out because of how smoothly the effects transitioned in and out of the movie especially during the transformations when Eddie becomes Venom continously throughout the movie.
The music was also well developed and had a great flow to it, matching the scenes perfectly. From the eerie build up music to the upbeat and intense action music, it all fit into place like the pieces of a puzzle.
The audience will especially approve of the twists and turns the plot contains. This movie keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats wondering what will happen next. The only drawback is the somewhat cliche ending that is too predictable.
Overall though, Venom is a movie that Marvel fans should be excited to see. Due to the mix of a great cast; special effects; and music, this movie deserves a 4 out of 5 stars.