Foreign pop culture comes to life in Chicago


Journei Washington, News Editor

KPOP is a style of music that originates from South Korea, but the KPOP music genre is heavily crossing over to the states. KPOP sounds like most pop songs, that have a heavy hip hop beat, but the main difference is that they are singing in Korean.  The genre of music has all type of musicians from solo artists, boy groups, and girl groups.

KPOP has become very huge over social media in the last couple of years, which is allowing many groups to make a name for themselves in the states. The rise of KPOP in America started in 2012, with PSY Gangnam Style. With the help of PSY’s Gangnam Style, many artists were able to hold a position on the Billboard Charts. The boy group EXO, who is under SM Entertainment who had 13 members at the time, released their debut album, Overdose. This album sold over one million copies including in the states and became one of the best Korean selling albums. This album was a bestseller because the title track ‘Overdose’ is a great song that features an unbelievable beat that anyone can enjoy. Also, the chorus being very catchy since it is in English makes it easier to sing along you can sing along. In most recent news BTS (Bangtan Boys) placed number one on the international Billboard charts for their mini album “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part 2.”


KPOP has a huge following in the Chicago area, holding our very own K-pop store in Chinatown. Also having a Koreatown festival in August that features all of these music genres and can taste the amazing Korean food. K-POP has so big of a following that artists like EXO, Got7, BTS, Topp Dogg, and Shinee can perform in Chicago. Many of these artists have been able to come and perform at the Rosemont Theatre, that seats up to 4,400 people.


Even though, we may not understand what these musicians are saying it is most definitely an amazing experience being able to come together with other people and bond over love for KPOP. I recommend getting into KPOP because the fandoms are some of the most loving and awesome people I have ever came into contact with, in concert and through social media. Also, these fandoms are some of the most creative fandoms I have ever seen. Creating their own fansite goods such as fans, shirts, hoodies, and many more that are sold through group orders online or when waiting outside for the concert.
Overall, even though there is a language barrier should really get into KPOP, especially if you’re a fan of Anime. The groups and solo artists that I would recommend getting into are, for boy groups I would recommended EXO and Got7. For girl groups I would recommend Twice and Wonder Girls. As for K R&B I would suggest getting into Dean, and lastly for KHip-Hop I would suggest Jay Park. I would recommend getting into these artists because most of them expect a few members in EXO are fluent in English.