Huntsman fails to deliver strong blow

Huntsman fails to deliver strong blow

Caitlyn McCarthy, sports editor

Huntsman: Winter’s Tale, is about how the evil sister Ravenna (Charlize Theron) and the brokenhearted Freya (Emily Blunt) both become powerful queens of their own kingdoms. Freya experiences a devastating lost in the beginning of the movie, causing her to steal children from their parents and those children eventually become part of her army, or are referred as her “Huntsmen”. Freya has a very negative throughout the entire movie.

The one of the only laws Freya has in her kingdom is love, no one is allowed to be in love because she believes that it will cause her Huntsmen to be weak. She refers to families and love as allusions.

As the children arrive to her kingdom Freya tells them, “Love is a lie.”

Eric (Chris Hemsworth) and Sara (Jessica Chastain) do not follow the Queens rule, causing them both to be banished from the kingdom. They both do not know that the other is alive because the Queen showed them different perspectives. Later in the movie when Freya is starting to become too powerful, Eric and Sara end up finding each other. Eric and Sara both are trying to find Ravenna’s magical mirror, before Freya finds it, because the mirror is very powerful and it would become very dangerous if Freya had the mirror.

Freya was portrayed very well, especially in the beginning of the movie when she became very distraught. The rest of the roles were all portrayed very well. In every role the actor brought a different element to the movie. Like how the dwarves brought humor to the movie, even the movie had a more serious mood to it.

Overall, the movie had various battle scenes, betrayal between some of the characters, and an ending that is predictable. Seemed to be the perfect movie, but it was unnecessary addition to the series. The movie seemed to go on forever until of course it ended. This movie gets a two out of five stars.