Concert Survival Guide


Xitlaly Viveros, Staff Writer

The lights dim and the crowd roars as you wait for your favorite artists to step out onto the stage. The feeling of suspense and excitement of finally seeing them perform live takes over. Then the music finally starts blaring through the colossal speakers, and you and every single person in the arena become one with the music. But before you reach this point of exhilaration, here’s a couple of tips from some experienced students to remember:
1. Arrive early: “Depending on how big of a fan you are, I recommend getting there about six hours before the concert starts to assure you get a good spot,” junior Uriel Garcia said regarding General Admission concerts.
2. Come prepared: “Charge your phone and don’t forget your ticket,” junior George Hohenwater said. Hohenwater also recommends first-timers to bring water and to not head straight for the pit, due to his past experience of passing out at a concert and having to be carried out of the pit by the security guards.
3. Security guards are friends not foes: Garcia suggests making friends with the security guards. It’s better to be on their good side than on their bad side.
“If you ask politely there’s a chance they might direct you to [a place] where you can possibly meet the band,” Garcia said. “After the show, [a security guard] informed us that Foster The People were going to meet fans at the side door of the venue.”
Garcia ended up meeting the band; then a year later the same security guard remembered him and helped him meet a different band.
4. Solo is a no-no: “Go with a group of people,” junior Ximena Diaz said. “Don’t go by yourself.”
“It’s nice to gather with people who have the same interests as you,” Garcia said.
5. Have fun: “Have a good time and enjoy the bands you’re going to see,” said senior Diego Escobedo. Not only has Escobedo crowd surfed at a concert, but he also saw substitute teacher Mr. M at the same concert. Junior Ivan Andrade advises to just go with the music.
“Don’t just stand there, enjoy it,” Andrade said. “We’re all in one place enjoying the same music.”
“It’s a moment to just lose yourself and forget about anything that has been bothering you,” Garcia said. By following these simple tips, you can avoid passing out and instead find yourself passing in backstage.