Mall Cop 2 funny but unoriginal


Caitlyin McCarthy, Feature Editor

After six years of waiting and waiting for the movie everyone has been waiting for, Paul Blart is back in Mall Cop 2. Unfortunately, instead of waiting to see the second movie we could have just watched the first movie again.

Blart (Kevin James) plays a single father to Maya (Raini Rodriguez), who is now all grown up and ready for college. Blart is headed to Las Vegas to take part in a convention for mall cops.

Maya ends up telling her dad about the opportunity of attending college in California. For most everyone that would be great news, but for Blart it is the complete opposite. Paul is having a difficult time coping with the fact that he will be alone once Maya leaves.

Blart’s response to the news is amusing to say the least, “Of course I can [visit], if I want some smog on my earthquake flakes.”

Unlike most sequels, viewers don’t need to see the first one to understand this movie.  In the beginning of the movie it has a flashback to the last movie, as a refresher.

Recalling the first movie, there is a group of criminals that tried to steal money from the stores in the mall; well this movie is basically the same with just a change in setting: Instead of the mall it is in a hotel. This time Blart is not even supposed to be working; he’s supposed to be on vacation.

That makes no difference to Blart who says, “Security is a mission, not an intermission.”

Overall, the characters do not seem to portray real mall cops, they are just meant to have a humorous effect. There is a group of mall cops that work with Blart to take down the criminals. Saul Gundermutt (Gary Valentine) is a mall cop now, unlike the first movie when he was only a karaoke singer.

The other mall cops that are working with Blart are very likable because they have such humorous roles. The relationship between Blart and his daughter is very believable, which adds to the movie when they are interacting with one another.

I give this movie a three out of five stars. Although the movie was very funny, mainly because of Kevin James, it was just too similar to the first movie.