Debut album captivates listeners


David Castellucci, Entertainment Editor

Dylan Gardner brings to the table a fresh, new style of music that, once is listened to, is hard to stop. The bubbly, up-beat type of music Gardner delivers is satisfying and leaves one wanting more. Gardner is a skilled musician, and an even better song writer.

“Adventures in Real Time” is Gardner’s first album (besides his remake of the Beatles “Good Vibrations”), and all of the songs bring a sort of new take to the music genre. I appreciate more of the older, metal songs, so I was somewhat skeptical on Gardner’s track. However, after listening to it, I found the album to hold my interest, and I quickly became persuaded through songs like “Heroes Tonight” that Gardner’s lyrical abilities reach the standards of some grade A artists.

Gardner, through his music, tells a tale of love, and conjures an exciting rhythm. Using a certain blend of alternate rock and indie, and some great guitar chords, along with Gardner’s vocals, he successfully creates a great album.

Gardner has a voice of his own, distancing himself from any other indie singer out there. Best of all, Gardner lacks any (noticeable) auto tune/voice changer, welcoming originality.

“Let’s Get started” is Gardner’s debut song, and brings a certain catchy tune that gets stuck in the listener’s head the moment the music hits the ears. With a riveting beat, and addicting guitar strums, “Let’s Get Started” is easily my favorite song from the album.

The only downside from listening to Gardner’s album is that every song in it mentions something about love.  Songs with titles like “I’m Nothing Without You”, and “With a Kiss” immediately imply love is in the lyrics.  This is a shame, for some people might be dismayed by the song titles. The songs themselves, yes, do talk about love, but the topic is surpassed easily for anyone looking for a great beat, and an all-around superb singer.

For an interesting take on music, great vocals, and an up-beat tone, I give Dylan Gardner and his “Adventures in Real Time” album four out of five stars.