Cold climate calls for coat-wearing

Editorial, Editors

Our school can sometimes reach uncomfortably low temperatures. Some classrooms are warm, but some are quite chilly. Teachers advise us to wear proper attire for school, and dress according to the weather. Heavy coats are appropriate for the weather, so why does the school prohibit wearing heavy coats in class?

According to assistant principal Matt Ambrose, the only issue the school has with heavy coats is the concern for the safety of others, but how many incidents have there been at our school that involved a heavy coat? It’s true that students can be carrying drugs, weapons, or other items that can cause conflict. However, these factors shouldn’t limit students to wearing coats. If a staff member feels suspicious that a student may be hiding something, they should ask to see it, not immediately assume wearing a coat is a threat.

Furthermore, if coats are such an issue, then why aren’t backpacks? Students can just as easily pack a weapon in a bag as they can in a coat. So, if we are allowed to carry a bag that’s capable of holding much more than a coat, such as dangerous weapons, we should be able to wear a coat that will provide us with warmth, not hostility.

We also admire the school’s efforts to somewhat control the dress code, but the reality is that most classrooms are too cold! It is easy to understand strict dress codes in warm temperatures. Students can only take off so much clothing before it is considered inappropriate, but the dress codes for cold weather should be modified.

Unlike in warm weather, students can control their own body heat by adding clothing. To add more clothing in a classroom is easier and more convenient than removing clothing in a classroom setting, so putting on a heavy coat isn’t a distraction.

There are no reassurances that wearing coats in school won’t ever be an issue, but is pulling aside a student to check suspicions such a problem? We don’t believe so, at least not as big of a problem as having students too cold to work in class.