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Winter not favorite, but still warms many

 Walking through the crunchy, angelic, pale white snow as the sharp, crisp wind hits people’s cheeks leaving them rosy red, everyone knows winter has begun. 

  Winter is known for its chilly weather, but the winter season comes with many festivities such as ice skating, sledding, and building a snowman. 

  “The cold means less people outside, which means more fun outside for me. It helps that the snowplows create piles in between driveways for me to climb.,” sophomore Logan Uzelac said. 

 According to a recent Fielder survey, 61 percent of students dislike winter, but the other 39 percent love winter. 

   “It is always nice, colorful, and full of joy and fun,” senior Zac Brooks said.

  However, the cold weather interrupts some students’ spring and summer hobbies. 

  “I like the pretty leaves of autumn and planting in the spring. I can’t have either in winter,” sophomore Adelyn Millerd said. 

  Winter is known for daylight savings which means the sun goes down earlier, resulting in reduced sunlight.

   According to an article from NAMI Howard County, the winter season brings seasonal depression, “This may be due to the fact that the colder seasons can promote the onset of mental health issues such as seasonal depression: major depressive disorder, and anxiety disorder”. “The reduced level of sunlight in fall and winter may cause winter-onset seasonal affective disorder (SAD)”. 

  On the other hand, being outside during the summer season boosts others’ mental health. 

   According to an article from Child Focus, “During summer, people often notice a boost in their mental health. This can be seen in both children and adults. A big reason is that the sun gives us more vitamin D exposure which can boost mental health”. 

  However, the winter season can bring warm feelings to some students as it reminds them of their childhood. 

  “I like being outside when it snows, and being by a campfire. They all give a great feeling of nostalgia back when I was younger,” senior Martin Gonda said. 

   Most enjoy being snuggled up in a cozy blanket while enjoying a warm drink and watching movies. 

 “The brisk air on your face, but also being able to be completely cozy in a blanket and fire the next moment. Plus hot chocolate is a big plus,” freshman Christian Mikos said. 

  Students also look forward to winter break and the holidays they celebrate with their families. 

“Christmas is the best part of winter. The warmth of family and joy is second to none,”sophomore Troy Henschen said.

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Hi, I'm a senior and the Entertainment Editor and this is my second year on The Fielder staff. I enjoy listening to music and writing, I'm looking forward to what this school year has in store for me.

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