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Candy corn is disgusting

What is something sugary and sweet that is sure to be a delightful Halloween treat? Well, certainly not candy corn. Picture coming home from trick-or-treating with a basket full of wax. Doesn’t that sound so delightful? I didn’t think so either.
Typically, I’m personally grateful for the variety of candy that falls into my basket each Halloween. Seeing a Twix bar, mini Oreos, a Milky Way bar, and the occasional Kit Kat tends to never fail to bring a smile to my face, but candy corn certainly has failed.
When this waxy substance that both kids and adults consider to be “candy” was first invented in the late 1800’s, it was originally called “Chicken Feed”, and I personally feel that society today would have been better off if the name hadn’t been changed. The name is more appropriate and not as misleading, and it’s almost like the inventors felt forced to change the name to something relating to candy because even they knew it didn’t sound appealing.
One could believe that the idea of eating pure wax is bad enough, but I’m certain that nobody would even want to imagine what strange flavors leading companies such as Brach’s have tried. While I wouldn’t doubt that there may be some flavors that could cover up the pure nastiness of candy corn, companies have shockingly only added flavors that make this monstrosity of a “candy” even worse.
Brach’s is the company that has experimented the most, releasing variants including popcorn, fruit punch, and, get this: hamburger flavored candy corn. If anybody is interested in having a wax-like hamburger compressed into a pyramid that will show up in their trick-or-treating bucket, they may be my guest.
This year for Halloween, if your family is choosing to participate in giving candy to kids expecting nothing but tastiness on the night of Halloween, please put out real candy, and please do not continue to torture those innocent souls with something once named “Chicken Feed”.

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Nicholas Rees
Nicholas Rees, Staff Writer
Hello! Being a Staff Writer, this is my first year being directly involved with Digital Journalism & Broadcasting. I have extreme interests in video production along with other elements of broadcasting.

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