Senior quotes should return to yearbook

Hailey Fay, Staff Writer

  Many students have expressed outrage or disappointment at not having senior quotes in the yearbook this year. 

  Senior quotes were originally added in 2015 by Lindsey Brown, sponsor of the yearbook. The Plainsmen yearbook has been produced since 1948 and had not ever had senior quotes before. They were taken away after 2019 for a multitude of reasons.

  According to Brown, the yearbook team has very few members and Covid-19 only made it worse. The staff was stretched thin already and monitoring senior quotes couldn’t become a priority. 

  “There were students  submitting quotes under other students’ names, students submitting quotes with no photo, inappropriate quotes,” Brown said. “Even when the quotes were appropriate, there were still complaints from students, staff members, even calls from parents. We just can’t have nice things.”

  The yearbook team is not a class but a study hall.

  “This year the yearbook is about 97% student made and even this year when we have a really good group making the yearbook it is a lot of work,” Brown said.

  According to a fielder poll, 97% of students love senior quotes and want them back. 

  “I think it’s a fun reward for getting through four years of high school! It’s also something fun to look back on for later in life,” Anna Proulx,  senior, said. Others think of it as a way to define themselves like Sophia Cerda, senior, who describes it as “setting a ‘motto’ for the rest of their life or what they stand for.” Or as a way to keep hold of old memories, 

  “It’ll always be fun to look back on old quotes and I think PCHS seniors would want to be a part of that,” Adam Dabkowski, senior, said. 

  However, some students dislike senior quotes. 

  “not everyone wants to do a quote,” Selena Michno, senior, said. However in past years with senior quotes, they were not required. 

  “I’m not against senior quotes, it’s just very difficult. I would give it another shot, but it would probably cause more problems,” Brown said. Senior quotes did boost yearbook sales and many students reported it being their favorite part of yearbooks.

  Brown said that If more people joined the yearbook team, senior quotes might be easier to include, and that she is open to any new ideas.