TikTok Limits Screen time as addiction kicks in


Gavin Henson, Opinion Editor

Tiktok has been topping the social media charts for the past few months. People watch Tiktok for different reasons, but the problem is the amount of screen time being used.
According to Inside Intelligence, the amount of time spent in Tiktok has increased by 18.7%. So Tiktok has now created a time limit feature to help people reduce their usage.
Millions of people use the app every day. People will go on Tiktok when they are on their lunch breaks, hanging out with friends, or just trying to kill time in between events. With people going on the app during these times, it can become very distracting.
“I’ll go on Tiktok when I’m off-campus for lunch, I will lose track of time and sometimes come back to school late.” senior Abby Ida said.
They don’t realize the amount of time they spend on Tiktok. People will open the app and not even realize how long they’ve been on the app.
According to Influencermarketinghub.com, average TikTok users spend one and a half hours on the app daily. Other apps such as youtube, people on average spend 19 minutes on the app daily.
“I try not to spend that much time on the app, but it just becomes addicting.” senior Corbin Johnson said.
The “trying to go viral” phase is a phase that all Tiktok users go through. Millions of people every day manage a way to go viral. The smallest things on Tiktok will make people go viral. A video can be posted before people go to bed, then they will wake up and see that they have gone viral.
“I have only gone viral one time, but Tiktok took down the sound and no one knew what we were doing.” senior Aidan Curry said.
Studies have proven that people spend too much time on Tiktok. The more that people use the app, the more addicted they will become.
Part of the attraction is that the trends on TikTok change every week with things such as different dances and different challenges.
One of the biggest trends right now is the guess the chick challenge. The viewer has to guess which chick did whatever the title says they did.
“I personally think some of the trends are dumb, but some of them I enjoy,” senior Olivia Hagerman said.