Spring breakers need to relax, ignore


Maddy Veghts, Feature Editor

Traveling on spring break seems to be a necessity to some high school and college students.
Crowded airports with busy roads are the most popular within the places near the equator, because it is warmer. Students need a break from the stress that the second semester brings.
While there are many stereotypes that students traveling for spring break are there to party, that is not always the case. Quite a lot of students need a way to release their stress and negative feelings. Acting wild and going out is a way students react to being in a situation that presents itself when a bunch of them are put together. Constant complaints from society, as I have witnessed through traveling, are the idea of crowded airports with the drastic price increase and the lively roads with students not knowing where to go. These students are trying to gain new experiences, but the frequent travelers complain about the price gouging within the airlines, because they want to make the most money.
Most destinations are easier to fly to and for some, driving is not an option, such as when they are crossing the ocean. The chaos of the roads is common during any time, and the idea of people not knowing exactly where to go is common for any travelers, not just students.
People will complain about everything, so spring breakers just happen to get in the line of sight. Students that are going to travel for spring break should not worry about the negative voices and complaints, and they also shouldn’t add to it by complaining about the crowds or any other traveling inconvenience. My hope for this spring break is that we can all relax and release some stress from the semester.