Wildcat ambassador lead paths for new student


Photo by Miguel Cambray

Wildcat ambassador Martyna Mateja, senior, introduces sophomore Christian Culbrun to the school

Miguel Cambray, News Editor

Imagine a new student starting school and on the first day there is already a pit in their stomach. Of course, before they started their counselor walked them around showing them their classes. With feeling a little lost, their day is getting a little worse.
Now picture this, during their study hall a student, not a teacher, asks if they’d like a tour around the school. Someone they can relate to walks them around school giving them information on what it’s really like from a first-hand experience. That is what the student ambassador club is about, and more.
“The whole goal of wildcat ambassador club is to make sure that new students to the school and district are comfortable and have somewhat of a connection as they’re joining us as wildcats,” Steve Lamberti, club sponsor, said.
Describing the school is an aspect that wildcat ambassadors need to know to portray the school image to new students.
“I’ll usually say we are a more welcoming school, and its not huge like other schools, but we’re closer because of how small it is,” Mia Bartleman, senior, said.
Giving advice is something else ambassadors do while they are touring around the school.
“I tell them not to use their lockers because using your lockers is pointless, and our school is one big circle or hexagon. If they just walk in the same direction they’ll find it even if they are late,” Jorgen Nelson, senior, said.
There are values that ambassadors uphold, that everyone in the club is supposed to follow.
“Students that are being introduced to the school should feel welcomed. They feel like they can call this place home,” Martyna Mateja, senior, said.
It takes a certain type of person to participate in the wildcat ambassador club. Yes, anyone can join but there are few characteristics that are beneficial.
“You need to be welcoming and friendly. Be able to talk to new people because we get kids from freshman year to senior year. You just got to be comfortable with talking to new people,” Bartleman said.
The club has received many students throughout this year, and has guided each one of them through the school.
“ I didn’t even know it was a club. I was confused at first, but I think it’s cool. Because it involves people around the school. Everyone seems happy, and excited.” Christian Culburn, new student, sophomore said.
To become a wildcat ambassador there is an application to process. The process begins in March, followed by an interview. Anyone can become an ambassador, just listen to the announcements over the intercom for more information.

It doesn’t matter about grades, it’s more about personality, and the right character to help introduce students into the school and to help new students learn the wildcat way.