Valentine’s day chocolates


Renee Strong, Staff Writer

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, many couples rush out to buy their significant other loving gifts. There is the annual question of which to buy, flowers or chocolates?
Valentine’s Day has been seen as a traditional holiday since the late 1800s’ with flowers and chocolates being the one of the most popular gifts given. However, chocolates should be number one.
Although flowers can be a great surprise, after the initial reaction there isn’t much benefit from the gift. After a week the flowers are dead and the loving thought is forgotten.
On the contrary, chocolates are a gift that can be shared between both parties. Memories of sharing a sweet dessert can be made and cherished forever.
According to the Australian Academy of Science, chocolate contains a chemical called Phenylethylamine. This chemical stimulates the brain and causes the human body to feel happy and giddy, which can cause your partner to fall more in love.
Chocolates can also be bought to impress your partner. Due to the variety of chocolates, remembering someone’s favorite flavor can make the gift even more thoughtful.
Even though the variety for flowers is twice the amount of chocolates, not all flowers represent good meanings. According to Victorian flower language, if someone’s favorite flower is yellow carnations, gifting them a bouquet of these symbolizes disappointment and rejection.
This year, instead of gifting a bouquet of domesticated weeds, give your significant other a gift that will truly make them happy, a box of chocolates!