Christmas music uplifts everyone


Brianna Mosinski, In-Depth Editor

Christmas music has ascended over the past few years. From classical to contemporary to a variety of versions, it spreads joy and warmth during the coldest months of the year.
Christmas music tends to improve people’s mood since there is a change in season and tends to bring many in the holiday spirit.
There is a widely heated debate of when Christmas music should be listened to. Some listen before, on, or after Thanksgiving. It’s really a personal preference.
Traditions such as carols, are also done to spread the joy of Christmas and are also a way of telling the story of the nativity, as well as to celebrate the birth of Jesus. These make people look forward to Christmas.
During these times, more now than ever, Christmas music in general gives people hope and joy for the season. The Christmas spirit is felt in the air.
Many look forward to singing and spreading Christmas cheer since it only comes once a year.
According to, holiday music can improve mood, is good for memory, decreases stress levels, and even reduces pain. The nostalgia of listening to one’s favorite Christmas tune has a pleasant neurological effect in which the brain’s pleasure circuit is stimulated, releasing dopamine and serotonin.
Overall, Christmas music is something that we listen to a few times a year and should be a way to become excited during the holiday season with loved ones and while we shop.
Generally it shouldn’t matter when someone starts listening to Christmas music since it’s uplifting and allows people to enjoy the season a bit more.