Theme thursdays should return

Miguel Cambray, New Editor

  With the new year starting there is something that has been missing: themed Thursday. Now the concept of themed Thursday is pretty basic. There is a theme every Thursday, and students and staff are encouraged to dress up. It was a nice effort to push school spirit and to help students reintegrate back into in-person school after a very chaotic two years due to the global pandemic.  

  The momentum in the beginning of the year kept it going for a while. It did begin to die out though, and fewer people began participating. However, just a rework of the idea to refurbish it for a better approach would have kept it alive. Perhaps a themed Thursday twice a month, maybe making it a competition with prizes, or something else to keep the momentum going.  

  One themed Thursday that some enjoyed was the business casual theme on the last Thursday at the end of every month because it gave students an excuse to look fancy. With that being said, if there was a way to make students look forward to a particular themed Thursday then it could have been even better.  

  Overall, we enjoyed the small time that the themed Thursday was actually fun. It was a nice experience. There should be a themed Thursday at least once a month to provide some sort of school spirit, and school unity. We like to see a sense of community around the school.  

  According to Principal Chlebek, he is working with student council to help arrange themed Thursdays to begin later this year. We look forward to hearing the upcoming news about it, but it’s only in the works with no actual date to enact. If students voice their desire to bring back the themed Thursdays, perhaps we can help expedite the process.