Cancel culture judges harshly, creates toxicity


Aaliyah Solano, Editor-in-Chief

Society has evolved, from the beginning of time to now. With the constant evolution of civilization of people, our expectations have changed as well, specifically our expectations amongst each other.

In present-day culture, there is a general public or cult-like gathering on the planet and web-based media known as “cancel culture.” They depict themselves as though they resemble the Avengers: here to safeguard everybody based on what they feel is unethical or hostile. The aim is to instruct society on how horrible some viewpoints are; however it actually hurts more than helps.

Individuals, superstars, and celebrities are continually restless that they might be focused on next for a “cancellation” due to past activities or words. People have lost their livelihoods, companions, and reputations for the rest of their lives due to an unpopular belief. Be that as it may, few cancellations are absolutely necessary and acceptable in my eyes.

The primary idea of being “woke” is to see the master plan and to right wrongs. Explicitly in the media, the true stories have come out from some people who were canceled. Times were different than some argue, yet ethically the outcomes of the past should be revised at this point. With shows like “Pam and Tommy” delivering on Hulu, the Janet Jackson documentary that debuted on Lifetime, and the Free Britney movement, we fiercely see that undoing’s in the past were ridiculously uncalled for, yet it is hypocritical to say so when we utilize that same shamefulness in cancellations today.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee are famously known for a scandalous leaked video that changed mainstream society and media. Before the video spillage, Pamela Anderson was at the stature of her profession with Baywatch and her most up-to-date film Barbed Wire set to deliver. Whenever the video was delivered Tommy was applauded for being a “player” or a “dog,” while Pamela confronted all the backfire. Her profession plunged and he became known as the lady with a leaked tape. Her achievements to TV and the modeling scene no longer made a difference; she was a laughing stock to point at and shame.

With the new Hulu show being released it portrays how uncalled for this backlash was. Her profession was destroyed over this and would never again reach the high it was at, yet Tommy Lee continued fine. Watchers of the show have gone into ruckus via social media about equity for Pamela Anderson, saying that the media and public treated her horrendously and how that wouldn’t occur now.

As true as that may be, her story isn’t too distant from Kim Kardashian who had a tape leaked; however she is still criticized, ridiculed, and disgraced for her tape even in a world loaded up with individuals who have the “woke mindset’’.

Janet Jackson, known as the “queen of pop,” was banished after her Superbowl halftime performance. While executing her craft she had a wardrobe malfunction, today stars have wardrobe malfunctions here and there, and some go on with their day. However, Janet was blacklisted after this with nobody wanting to work with her. She was even banned from the Grammys.

While watching the documentary I found it preposterous how this occurred and felt like in present society her results could never be as brutal as the way it was then; then I thought about Kanye West. Kanye wore a specific red cap that broadly upholds our previous president. Kanye lost the admiration of many fans and different big names in Hollywood. Individuals would rather not work with him, and his previous companion John Legend has avoided projects with him.

Britney Spears was considered an unsuitable mother and crazy and must be placed on a conservatorship because she was a threat to herself. Today, she continually trends on Twitter with the woke horde requesting justice for her, yet they don’t have that equivalent empathy for controversial media persona Trisha Paytas.

As much as the “woke mob” think they know best and won’t let previous mishaps thrive in the present society, they come up short. Cancel culture doesn’t see that their activities remove one’s voice and cause outlandish damage in light of their judgment of others.

The false reverence of cancel culture is ridiculous, and truly I don’t believe the individuals who follow along canceling whoever has been called out really trust what they’re doing; they are simply following the crowd out of fear they will be canceled if they express an alternate opinion. Godspeed to the people who contradict the new society’s ideology, they might be canceled straightaway.