Headphones in class: students feel allowing music will help performance

Students feel allowing music will help performance


Photo by Centaysia Nelson

Ileen Montoya, junior, wears headphones during independent work. 97% of students feel headphones should be allowed while working.

John Hernandez, Staff Writer

If you are someone that works better with headphones during class you’re not alone. Some studies have shown that people work better with music, According to Dr.Lesiuk’s research at the University of Massachusetts, “those who listened to music completed their tasks more quickly and had better ideas than who didn’t. But still, school policy won’t let students wear them in class.
“If there’s a lockdown or something that needs to be said and you have headphones in you won’t be able to hear it, and during study hall if your music’s too loud people around you can hear it, and if there’s inappropriate words students and teachers can care,” Dr.Lane Abrell, superintendent, said.

In spite of these reasons, some students feel headphones can help in many ways.“There might be different sounds in the room that might be distracting, and headphones will cover those up. At least for me, putting on music while I’m working improves my focus because I’m distracted by external sounds or activities, and it makes the work more enjoyable,” Angela Knight, junior, said.

Students can also be distracted by the lack of noise going on in a quiet room. Different kinds of people can’t focus in a quiet room it all comes down to sensory processing. Additionally, different speeds of music can affect student work.“Listening to music with an increased tempo helps me because it makes me want to match the speed of my actions to the music, meaning I work faster and in some cases think more about my work,” Adnan Sabanovic, sophomore said.

In light of these benefits, some students believe wearing only one headphone during class should be allowed as a compromise.“In most cases, students can’t wear only one headphone because you only have one ear listening and still trying to focus so in general, no, students can’t wear just one headphone in,” Abrell said.  According to the recent Fielder survey, teachers do ask students to remove their headphones during class roughly 85% of the time.“I think that while they are helpful for focusing on independent work, while the teacher is teaching, headphones are a distraction because students may be focused on music instead of the content they’re learning,” Knight said.

According to the same survey, 97% of students feel that teachers should allow listening to music during independent work when the teacher is not instructing, and 60% of students said teachers do allow music during independent work.“Many studies have proven that music helps people work better and since independent work requires nobody else then it’s perfectly alright to use headphones. As long as the work is done it doesn’t matter,” Sabanovic said. Some work faster and more efficiently while listening to music. “I’ve personally seen that if students, people, if people wear headphones while they work, they get things done faster and much more successfully,” Gabriel Salas, senior said.