The Weeknds ‘Dawn FM’ captivates listeners

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Aaliyah Solano, Editor-in-Chief

 After months of anticipation and speculation, Weeknd fans can rejoice as the singer has dropped album of the year. The Weeknd’s new collection “Dawn FM ” is currently the biggest album on the planet with half a billion streams and topping Billboard’s Global 200’s chart. 

  This album is arguably the best art piece to emerge this year.. His album “Dawn FM” is the second part of the After Hours saga and  is potentially one of my most beloved Weeknd albums ever. The collection has everything from uptempo 80s sounding hits, to delicate outdated love ballads, and Jim Carrey.  

  The title “Dawn FM ” is to encapsulate a radio broadcast, with Jim Carrey seemingly being the radio personality as he directs fans through the listening, thus, demonstrating the inventive virtuoso the Weeknd is. No artist in the present music scene is as brilliant with storytelling as he is. 

  “How Do I Make You Love Me” is one of my favorite tunes off of the collection. The rhythm and beat alone causes me to feel powerful. It’s as though I’ve been moved to some other time, specifically  the 80’s with all the EDM that is utilized all through the track. However listeners can become mixed up in the cheery beat; the verses of the melody recount a completely unique story. The melody is composed of disheartening verses as the Weeknd pleads, “How do I make you love me?/ How do I make you fall for me?/ How do I make you want me?/ And make it last eternally?”  

  As the station “Dawn FM” takes a diversion from it’s energetic tunes, it is trailed by lovesick anthems. Track 7 named “Out of Time” is a smooth R&B tune that makes listeners loosen up.  The tune is unwinding, an ideal tune to play while relaxing in a bubble bath. With the lyrics nonetheless, I can imagine this tune in a film montage when the protagonist realizes he’s committed an error allowing the romantic interest to continue on without them. The melody gets hindered by a message from Jim Carrey expressing, “Don’t you dare touch that dial, because as the song says you are out of time, you’re almost there, but don’t panic there’s still more music to come… 

  My favorite song on the album is “Less Than Zero.” When I first heard it, I immediately wanted to re-listen to the tune. The EDM propelled and happy beat is unimaginable not to want to move to. Granted, I’m not a dancer, but the song itself made me want to choreograph a massive flash mob. Albeit the verses are self deprecating, listeners are totally diverted by the lyrics harshness as the beat has a more profound significance to the listener’s ear. Regardless of whether the Weeknd is drilling down into his agony subliminally, us audience members don’t mind as the actual melody makes us cavort and belt out. 

  “Dawn FM” is a treat from beginning to end. The collection just to some extent embodies the ability of the Weeknd as an artist. The album is a five star collection to me as I love the 80s aesthetic and music, in addition to the Weeknd’s astonishing voice. The artpiece has fans, myself included, anxiously sitting tight for what’s to come.