Add New Music to Passing Periods

Will Snydersmith, Staff Writer

A collection of genres of music from a variety of decades is played during passing periods. While students and staff generally appreciate the hallway music, one main thing that has been lacking throughout this situation is the amount of upbeat and current music being played. If a student hears the lyrics by Daniel Powter “Cause you had a bad day, you’re taking one down, you sing a sad song just to turn it around,” their mood for the day can change from happy to sad, or a student will feel more tired hearing a very slow, sad song. 

The music being played is from all decades but not much is from the 21st century. The music has to follow the school guidelines and be school-appropriate, but there are tons of new songs released in the past year that are appropriate for school.

 Students should have input on what songs should be played, and actually, they can. Chari Rahn, administrative assistant in charge of the music played, said that if a student or staff member gives her a flash drive with mp3 files of school-appropriate songs, she’ll add it to the rotation of music played during passing periods. 

She said a few students and staff have already given her songs to play alongside the music she already owns. Anyone who wants to take this opportunity should bring a flash drive with mp3 files they have purchased to Rahn in A103 at the main office. 

This will help students and staff have a voice in what music is played and could also be an opportunity to discover new music from more lesser-known artists and bands!