Superfan leaders boost school spirit with themes for upcoming games


Photo by Jayden Johnson

Superfans lead the student cheering section at the Green and White Night on Nov. 19.

Miguel Cambray, Entertainment Editor

The superfan leaders have made a new set of themes for the student body section. With the 2021-2022 basketball season.

“We actually made the themes for the basketball season, and the football season made it for their season. I think these are way better,” Dominick Lucano, senior, said. 

To be a leader for a student body section comes with a lot of responsibility. It also brings a lot of joy. 

“Because we’ve been able to do so well in our sports this year, it’s nice to be able to cheer them on, to show spirit, and support to all the sports,” Bailey Roberts, senior, said. 

To become a superfan it is passed down by the predecessor; however,  it is a choice to become a superfan.This means there’s always a reason for why each superfan joined. 

“I became a superfan because I want to make the student section positive and supportive of the teams,”  Mia Bonnomo, senior, said.

With all the positivity, there have been instances in which the crowd gets out of hand. If the  student sections get too rowdy, the superfan section has to help calm down the situation. 

“If they get like that, we get in trouble. There’s no more superfans.  There’s no more games. The students, including us, lose these privileges,” Lucano said. 

The superfan leaders have reasons that make it fun to them for being a superfan.

“ It’s so fun especially with sports such as girls volleyball, sports that typically don’t get too many fans,” Marin Martinez, senior, said. “We went to the senior nights for most of the sports, and seeing all the players get so excited that they have fans and supporters there [was great].”