Teacher Feature: Prieboy promotes leadership, family

Centaysia nelson, Feature Editor

John Prieboy, Physical Education teacher, has taught just about every course in the department in his almost 10 years of being an educator. He currently teaches Link Crew, Adventure Challenge, and Early Bird PE.  “My mother was a teacher for 35 years, so it was always something I was familiar with. I think the deciding factor was having a teacher in high school who made a profound impact on my life,” Prieboy said.  Prieboy has also been the cross country coach for the girls, but this was his last year coaching for now.  “I am stepping down from coaching, but I hope to someday return to it if the opportunity presents itself,”Prieboy said. “All in good time through.

  Throughout his coaching time, he made a great impact. He motivates his students to put in hard work and always be in good spirits. He makes his girl’s cross country team feel welcome and has made a family for the girls. He’s very supportive of the girls and always the first one to cheer them on and off the track.  “The first thing Preiboy teaches you when you join the team is family…If any of the girls need anything, he drops everything to help…” Piper Woodall, senior said.

   Outside of school, his life isn’t all about coaching and teaching. He has hobbies and is a family man with two children: a daughter who is 4 1/2 and a son who is  1 ½. He enjoys running, cycling and has picked up a new hobby. The new hobby came from his late grandfather which he loved very much. “I enjoy running and cycling, and I picked up a new hobby of woodworking. I had inherited my grandfather’s tools, and the shut-down was the first chance I had to learn how to use them. He passed away when I was a senior in high school and was a really important person in my life, so this new hobby is a way that I can feel connected to him even though he’s gone…” Prieboy said. 

  Furthermore, his peers and coworkers believe he is the perfect fit as a teacher. “I believe in myself and I believe in others and this world is bigger than myself…connecting with your students is a big part of helping them get an education and to create a bond with them… John is the perfect match for those classes.” Jen Tomczak said. Prieboy has made an impact on almost everyone he crosses paths with.   And that impact comes with him being a great leader and the students follow. Peers, students, and friends appreciate Prieboy because of the honesty love he has for his students and his family. “He has shown me how to lead and how to become a good leader,”  Daniela Mendoza, link crew student, said.

  Prieboy not only teaches how to be a leader but leads by example, and that’s what his students find most inspiring about him. 

  “As a PE teacher, I think it’s necessary to model a healthy lifestyle for my students, so every day I exercise, do my best to eat nutritious foods, and get as much sleep as possible,” Prieboy said. “I try to say hello to any students I see in the hallways during passing periods, whether I know them or not. I’ve learned that a smile, wave, or greeting can go a long way. It’s the simplest form of respect. If we ever cross paths, especially in the PE hallway, be sure to say hello!”