Dress code helps create safe, productive working environment in building


Cen’taysia Nelson, Feature Editor

A dress code is nothing unusual; they have them at school, offices, clubs, restaurants, etc. Since we are required to go until 12th grade, we have to follow the rules created to protect and create a safe learning environment. Nonetheless, students are still upset and frustrated that the dress code seems to be stricter and that the teachers are enforcing the dress code, which may make them seem more in our space this year.
But I don’t think teachers and school staff walk around judging our outfits and seeing who can give the most write-ups. It’s more likely they’re worried about our education. We’re in school and if what you’re wearing is disrupting your education then the school staff should step in and we should not be upset about it.
The main point of the dress code I wanted to point out was” If a style of dress and grooming appears to be disruptive to the educational process or could constitute a threat to the safety or health of students, it will not be permitted in school….” The school has a reasonable explanation for the dress code and not only why we need it but why it’s mandatory. Everything written in the handbook is fair and appropriate because remember we are at school and it’s a place where business and education take place.
We all must get used to a dress code whether it’s at school or work. It allows for no favoritism to be shown in the fashion world towards boys and girls and makes the rules clear. Plus, the district can’t just have people walking around with anything on.
A dress code is a set of standards developed to help guide what is appropriate to wear in the school setting. Rules aren’t meant to hurt us. The school district’s whole purpose is to maintain a safe learning environment with as few fights and inappropriate interactions as possible. And fortunately for us, it comes in the form of a dress code.