Senioritis begins to spread

Paige Williams, Opinion Editor

As the fourth quarter begins, seniors are experiencing a shift in attitude towards school which is commonly  known as “Senioritis”. Senioritis is a phrase used to describe lazy or unmotivated students and students with excessive tardies or absences. While people make the term “senioritis” out to be negative , in general the term is used to describe a switch in priorities, looking ahead to what comes next.

“ Yes it is a real thing for many senior experiences,” Adam Depew, English teacher, said “It is only natural for a person that has gone through a long period of something to see the finish line and focus on it even though graduation is a beginning not an end.” 

Typically seniors experience this shift right before Spring break when the weather begins to change due to being so close yet so far from the end of the year. Seniors have college plans set, job opportunities, and other real world experiences ahead of them, and the only thing in the way is the last quarter of high school. 

“Of course I’m excited for my future outside of high school, it’s hard to focus on that last semester of school when I’m focused on other opportunities at the same time like college or just graduation in general, it’s easy to lose focus.” Claire Truesdale, senior said.

While many students seem to be putting off work or missing a little too much school, remote learning has affected students’ motivation as well.  Students who must sit through online classes may not be paying attention, socializing, or could already be behind on work. 

“With us being remote , engagement has been very difficult for some students. This is definitely not the ideal learning environment for students, especially seniors who are already experiencing “senioritis.” I don’t blame them – sitting in front of a computer for multiple classes must be tiring on the eyes for sure.” Alyson Singer,, counselor, said.

The drastic change in the learning environment from school to home could have been overwhelming, so the return to school could help lessen senioritis. 

“It’s super easy to be distracted at home and to fall behind with online learning when one assignment turns into two and then three. I have distractions all around me from my pets, to Tv, to even just my phone. When I’m in school it gives me a set time away from those distractions where I have to get my work done. It truly has helped my grades.” Emma Polanski senior said. 

It is easy for students to fall behind or see the graduation date and lose focus. It is almost the same as the week before summer vacation. For students who seem to be struggling a little more teachers and counselors are always there to help as well.

“ Counselor’s meet with students in person or via zoom to check in, whether randomly, weekly, or monthly scheduled times. We recommend attending office hours with the teacher for more support and a possible addition to a specialized intervention study hall,” Elaina Kalantzis, counselor, said “Counselors communicate regularly with teachers and parents to make sure everyone is on the same page for students to be successful.”