Quarantine to hold longterm effects

Jayden Johnson, Fielder Friday Editor

With the one-year anniversary of the statewide COVID-19 shutdown, students are reflecting on what their lives were like before the pandemic. Most agree that COVID-19 has been a major challenge, and with online learning continuing for the rest of the year for some students, it is taking a major toll.
“Online learning made my sleep schedule get super jacked up,” Mitchell Serritella, junior said. “Though it gave me more time to do stuff I actually enjoy doing.”
The multiple changes in the school times have affected student’s mental health as well as provide numerous challenges to teachers. The lack of connecting with students as well as technical complications is a continuous challenge both teachers and students have had to do deal with.
“Quarantine has caused me to get VERY creative in my style of teaching.” Monique Armistead, coordinator and leader of the African American club, said. “I have always been a hands-on teacher and learner but since that is not possible, I have expounded my technology abilities to adapt and learn the new technology and incorporate more opportunities to get to know my students.”
Some students miss going to school in person.
“In-person learning was better because you could interact with your friends on a daily basis,” Dylan Gore, senior, said. “Teachers had way less technology issues to worry about.” “Quarantine made me stop
talking to some people, due to only interacting with them in school,” Serritella said.
Quarantine has also made some think about what a seemingly normal life was like before quarantine and how it was not always appreciated.
“Before Quarantine, I took so much for granted. For starters, I took being able to go to my parents’ house. Every Sunday, we would have family day but with Covid and the stay-at-home orders; that was all
forfeited. I became very reliant on FaceTime calls as a way to feel close to them. Then there’s school,” Armistead said. “I took them for granted being able to see my students in person and help them learn.