Horoscopes, not a form of science

Emma Figlewicz, Entertainment Editor

  Over the past decade horoscopes and the belief that astrology can predict the future has gained popularity among all generations. Horoscopes are driven by the belief that the stars have influence over a person’s everyday lives. However, this belief system is based on a fake science; there is no true evidence that can prove it to be scientific at all.  

   To place your fate in the alignment of the stars is naïve. Many people blame their negative attitude and misfortune on their horoscope; it has become a way to mask one’s incompetence.  

   For example, a person’s birthday is what identifies their zodiac sign. There are many people who base their personality off of these zodiac signs. Stereotypes such as Aries (Mar 21-April 19) being hot-headed and Leo’s (July 23-Aug 22) being narcissistic aren’t always accurate and can lead people to attempt to fit these clichés in order to fit in.   

   In the age of social media, astrology has also been incorporated into popular apps such as snapchat and Instagram. These platforms give information on a person’s zodiacs, which also include their moon, rising, mercury, and other planet signs with descriptions. These explanations of qualities a sign possesses are rudimentary; they try to define millions of people under basic characteristics such as a person being passionate, kind, romantic, etc. People will try to fit into these categories all to fit into fit into the standards their sign upholds.

   Alongside providing a person with information about what personality traits correlates with each sign, horoscopes also provide a sign compatibility scale. Snapchat is one platform that allows you to compare you and your friends’ signs to see how well you would interact with each other. These predictions can lead to a false fantasy of a connection with a person all due to their compatibility rating.  

   Overall, when someone judges another based on their sign, they are using fake science to support their beliefs. Zodiacs create false assumptions and fantasy images of what a person should look like and act.