Extracurriculars linked to grades

Kaitlyn Kelly, Staff Writer

  After school activities have greatly affected students’ grades, bringing a new, more positive light to extracurriculars. 

    Overall, I would say most of the time, I think kids that are involved in some type of extracurricular, whether a sport or club will tend to do a little better in school, Kristy Riley, chemistry teacher, said. 

  Students who are involved in after-school activities whether in school or outside of it, have a positive impact on their grades. Participating in these extra activities give students a new sense of motivation and a desire to improve. 

  “I think it makes them work harder either because of parental pressure or they become more aware and want to do better in everything,” Jennifer Rodeck, French Club advisor, said. 

  While students are participating in their extra activities, they also have to balance time for their schoolwork. 

  “I just do most of my schoolwork during school, so after practice, I don’t have to do anything then. I find time during lunch, study hall, and throughout the day,” Aaron Larkin, junior, said. 

  Balancing schoolwork is important for any student because grades are valued for many different reasons. College is something many kids think about; it’s their future. 

  “The way I look at it I don’t really get good grades and do all that for football. I do that for myself to get a better future. Most athletes I think would say they get good grades for their sport but regardless I want to get good grades,” Larkin said. 

  Other athletes seem to view their grades as a stepping stone for working with their team.  

  If you are failing, you can’t play, and you obviously want to play and help your team out,” Lyndsey Austin, sophomore, said.