I Am Greta loses powerful message within boring cinematography

I Am Greta loses powerful message within boring cinematography

Maddie Cox, Editor-In-Chief

From school strikes to world-wide conferences, I Am Greta attempts to inspire younger generation to speak up for what they believe in but lacks the ability to pull the reader in.

I Am Greta is a documentary based on a 15-year-old Swedish girl who, at a very young age, became educated and involved with climate change. She seeks to change the mindsets of citizens and politicians by strictly informing them of the severity of what may happen if action does not take place.

At a young age, Greta’s mental health had become severely affected by delving into climate change and was devastated on how such little was being done. She said she became depressed, and at 11 years old she stopped eating and talking. A little later she was then diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Select Mutism.

It all started with Greta striking at school for climate change during the upcoming election. Both her physical and online social media appearances caught reporters’ eyes and soon enough she was asked to start speaking at conferences to raise awareness and reach younger generations.

While the documentary does inspire younger generations to become more involved with climate change and show the power of younger voices, the documentary itself just was not that interesting. Half of it was in another language during which the viewer must read for a good portion of it, taking much away from the value of the movie. I did, however, like that a lot of the movie did not just come out and state the personal problem’s Greta went through, but showed them like an actual story.

Despite it being a documentary, there was a lot of acting taking place. Greta and her family starred as actors in this documentary, and their reenactment of real events in their life was actually really accurate and didn’t even seem like acting. It was one of the only aspects holding my attention together during the documentary, having that connection with the display of human flaws and emotions.

Overall, I give I Am Greta 3 out of 5 stars. The movie had a powerful message within it and held the potential to be something great and inspiring, but after a while, I was bored and just waiting for it to end. I think if the story formatting of the movie had been tweaked some it would have reached more people.